A long long time ago and far away (but not really) we used to work for a small RV dealer (that is true). That dealer came upon some financial difficulties and decided to close their business. Then we thought, well, now what? Since we all liked working together and knew each other so well we thought that maybe, just maybe, we could start up our own repair center and stick together.  Looking at the alternatives it made sense. We could sit around and collect unemployment or do something about it ourselves. We looked and looked for property but everything we found was either too big or too small.  Then we talked to the landlord of the space we used to work in and lo and behold he needed someone too! Well, we worked out a deal and then we moved in. We cleaned and we painted and we cleaned and we painted some more.  It took awhile to get the word out but thanks to our customers they have been more than helpful in spreading the word. We have been busy ever since. We give thanks every day things have worked out allowing us to stay together and stay employed in these hard times and we feel we are on the right track. So now you know!