Cory, Service Tech
Cory is a fun mix of SeaHawks fan, DJ, Family Guy and a whole lot more. Anything SeaHawks and he's all in. He considers his home a "Hawks nest" and "Blue Friday" is actually a holiday to him. He spins tunes at night and special events. A great entertainer bringing his winning ways to the game.  He's a family guy straight up with five children and the youngest is a year old so guess who runs that household!  He does impressive work with flooring (all types) in the RV's. Has spent many years in the construction industry and has mad skills when it comes to refurbishing your RV and making your visions come true. Everyone seems to know him and we know you will enjoy working with him as we do.
Update: Cory has added a son to the brood and he still is very entertaining around here. He's like the little brother you tried to sell behind your mother's back. He has waaaaay more personality than any one person should have and he manages to keep us laughing even on the most trying days. Wherever he goes a party is probably right behind him. He has developed more RV orientated skills and his work is perfection.