Ed, Service Tech
Ed is now a part of our team. He has an extensive background in remodeling and up grading interiors. Hardwood flooring and cabinet reconstructing is his game among other things. He owned his own company for twenty plus years and spent his time turning buses into RV's. He has done everything imaginable when it comes to custom building RV's for individual customers. It was a great industry until someone invented the "slide out" and pretty soon everybody wanted a rig with a slide. So Ed moved on and went to work for dealers and now he is here with us and we are very fortunate to have him. We think you will agree. He also built hydroplanes with his father and he has one original awesome wood crafted hydroplane that still goes out on the water. He has his own custom vintage trailer featured in various magazines and books. He personally restored the trailer and created the custom paint job for the trailer and tow vehicle. Very cool!! Besides that, he introduced us to the guilty pleasure of Pippin pies!
Update: Ed will be retiring this month and we are very sad to see him go. We are happy for him because now he can do whatever he wants all day long. He can dismantle stuff and leave it laying all over the place and nobody will yell at him. I'm gonna miss that part. The yelling I mean. No seriously he can never be replaced and I don't think a day will go by that we don't say "man, I wish Ed were here. He would know how to build that". Good Bye and Good Luck~~~~Your other family. BTW: Don't worry Ed we'll get it.