Elvis and Graceland

I realized it's been two weeks, not the usual one week, since I updated my blog; tonight I labored over a hot keyboard, got 'er done.  Two weeks ago I was in Richmond, Virginia; since then I've seen Jamestown and Yorktown, Mammoth Caves and the Corvette Museum, Fort Eustis and Fort Knox, Monticello and Graceland, various other diverse spots.  It's all in the blog.  As always you may Check Things Out at:
Thanksgiving I'll be in Omaha, then heading south to Texas, west to LA, north to Seattle.  I suspect I'll be driving more, stopping less, seeing fewer sights, writing shorter blogs (applause from the audience...).
Today I filled Traveller with gas for $3.06 per gallon, hope it's soon below $3.00.  I see it's pouring from Everett to LA; today in Memphis was crisp moving to warm, cloudless, crystalline blue sky.  Travel is so unpleasant...
I hope all is well on the Left Coast.  It'll be nice to get home Christmas Day, no longer be the tall stranger with the funny accent.
More in a week or two, depending - Jim