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Try this place

I want to share with you a place that we have found. It is amazing. Almost 200 acres of playground. Beautiful lakes, hiking, children's play area, fire pit, covered eating area with lights and electrical for music if desired. There is a rock cabin...yes it is built into a rock. More about that later. It has several man made lakes each with it's own particular shape. One is a heart and so on. Eagles flying around and tons of wildllife at every turn. It is so beautiful it's hard to imagine such beauty exists so close. It's located in Mount Vernon which is very close to us. Several sites with hookups scattered about as well as tent camping. It is a great venue for a wedding with guests planning to camp out. A great weekend mini vacation. If you come in the store ask for a business card...we have some. Visit www.topgunclubinc.com for more info. I will post some pictures and little bits about each one

Top Gun continued

This is a pic of the grounds. There is so much I could never post it all here. We walked and walked and never ran into anyone. It is very primitive. That is our coach waaay in the background. I am standing up by the covered patio area.

Top Gun continued

I forgot to mention there is a huge pen for your dogs or whatever you travel with to keep them safe while you sit by the fire or enjoy the kids playing in the play area.

The rock cabin in self contained and has a huge loft area. There is a grill pit just outside the door which is nice. That too is built into a rock. If you have friends without an RV...try setting them up in the Rockhouse and you can park your RV just up the road a bit and be close to them.


The Mommy Hook

What is a Mommy Hook you ask.....
Well I did not know either until I was trying to figure out a way to secure the dogs outside as I was leashing the others as they have a hard time navigating the stairs in the RV. Each one has to be leashed one at a time and carried down....which is fine by me because I don't have to worry about them jumping out unexpectedly. So a friend told me about the "Mommy Hook". In fact she gave me hers that she no longer needed. It is a large (very large) carabiner that has foam wrapped around it to prevent damage to a stroller or whatever you are using to secure all the things a mommy has to bring on an outing with children. Which, by the way, is a lot of stuff usually. They didn't have such things when I was raising my kids. Anyway...it is super convenient as I can hook the dogs to the entry door handle without fear of damage to the RV or them getting loose. It is an amazing invention most likely by some frustrated mother. I highly recommend it and I'm sure it could have other uses as well. That is my solution and maybe some of you have other great ideas that we would love to hear about. So please share............

We Got Lazy

Hello Peeps and Fellow Travelers:

We plan on writing some current blogs from our camping adventures this year. I admit we got a little lazy and haven't posted anything in a very long time. So shame on us.
We invite you to participate....don't be shy. Your privacy is well guarded on our end so please don't share anything too personal on your end.

I will say on our last trip I learned a few things. It is not a good idea to try and befriend a cat if you are a small sqatty Yorkie and have no experiance dealing with said cat. Gabana got her ears boxed when she got too close and curious. Then it got weird. She started screaming (literally) and ran from the cat to a safe place (in her mind) with all of the other cats and dogs, probably a mob of 7-8, cornering her. They all chose sides thinking each of them were in distress. I plucked her out of the melee and wrapped her in my vest to calm her down. I think she thought she was dying but it was just humiliation and surprise. She convalesced on a bench with me until she felt secure again. I think she is forever wary of cats. She usually enjoys chasing the cat that invades our yard and I'm thinking she will now hide or at least keep her distance. Pets are so funny.

I also learned that if you get lost and take the wrong highway (101) you will be on it forever. It was however, a beautiful drive, just a longer trip home than we had planned. I did forget just how amazing that coastal drive is so it was nice reminder of all of the nature we have available to us so close.

So the moral of the story is....get out there, take your pets, and blog.

Camping with pets

 It's been awhile since I've posted and today I read about a lost pet which is one of the saddest things in life. Our pets become our children either when we have never had children or the children we have raised have flown the coop to start their own lives and families. They also become an addition to the children we are still raising as they bond to and teach our children responsibility, unconditional love, and bring joy to the household. Above is a photo of a cat that has been separated from her family and we hope to help reunite her. Below is the info that was posted on Facebook by the people that are caring for her.

If you or someone you know has lost a pet during travel please feel free to contact us and we will post it on our blog to hopefully help reunite families with their lost pets. I will post the information I have on the one I read about today. Traveling with pets is comforting but can be stressful for them when their normal routine is interrupted such as having to maybe have work done on your RV and taking it to a shop. Please be sure to microchip your pet and more importantly REGISTER the microchip. It does no good to have it done and then not follow through with the paperwork. Take care everyone and hug your pets!

Maddy" belonged to a couple who were RVing with her 2-3 years ago at the Elma Travel Inn in Elma, WA. She escaped from the RV and has been living as part of a feral cat colony every since. Maddy was trapped as part of spay/neuter program and recognized by two long term Travel Inn residents as the lost cat. Little is known about the owners, the Inn no longer has a record of the lost cat, but we do know they returned to the park for an entire year trying to locate this cat. We believe they are an older couple and live in the Seattle area with a son in the Montesano area. Maddy is a sweet but very scared girl. She is not microchipped. We desperately want to get her home to her family. Thanks to all for your help.


TrailManor Friends

This latest posted blog comes from customers who purchased a TrailManor. They are first timers and very brave. They set out on an Alaskan adventure that lasted, I think, six weeks. They survived and recorded their journey by way of posts with photos to boot. I will eventually get the hang of this and be able to add their photos but right now you will just have to follow the link included with every post. 


The 1st year or two

Looking back on the last two years, trying to take stock of where we started, where we are now, and where we are going I must say it has been interesting to say the least. The first couple went by pretty fast but these last two have been a time of growth and change. For those of you that follow us you know we banded together after being laid off during a business closure. Our choices were pretty slim. Go out and seek another job, during the time of great downsizing for everyone, collect unemployment, or figure something out. We decided we liked each other enough to start something on our own. Easier said than done!

Well starting was easy. It's the rest of it that is hard. We struggle to bring value to the industry and keep the dollars local in the community. I am not talking just Kent but Washington in general. After all we live and work here. We stand by our pact and our commitment to remain service orientated instead of sales driven. There are plenty of places to buy an RV but how many are there where you can count on being put first and foremost when it comes to receiving the service you are paying for? I think you will have a hard time coming up with more than a few.

We are grateful for the friends we have made and the relationships we have with our customers. I hate to call them customers because that just doesn't describe them. They are our friends, they are family, they are just like us. I don't think many of them even realize how much they have had an impact on our decision to keep going and keep striving for perfection with ourselves and our jobs. So, thank you for raising the bar and keeping us motivated!

That is all for today and have you thought about joining us with your own blog of adventures in your RV? Come on, you can be anonymous! You all have so much to share. Just send an email to service@auburnkentrv.com with blog in the subject line and we'll handle the rest. Who knows you might find some new friends or even make a love connection, single guys and single ladies. You know who I am talking about ...don't make me name names:)







Our funny clever customers

Welcome to our newly added blog page. I have read such interesting stories in these blogs I had to share. It's great to read everybody's blogs about how they enjoy their RV's and the fun they are having. Some of them even have such humorous adventures, as least they are able to retain their sense of humor, when things don't go exactly as planned!


Please feel free to add your own tales......

Elvis and Graceland

I realized it's been two weeks, not the usual one week, since I updated my blog; tonight I labored over a hot keyboard, got 'er done.  Two weeks ago I was in Richmond, Virginia; since then I've seen Jamestown and Yorktown, Mammoth Caves and the Corvette Museum, Fort Eustis and Fort Knox, Monticello and Graceland, various other diverse spots.  It's all in the blog.  As always you may Check Things Out at:
Thanksgiving I'll be in Omaha, then heading south to Texas, west to LA, north to Seattle.  I suspect I'll be driving more, stopping less, seeing fewer sights, writing shorter blogs (applause from the audience...).
Today I filled Traveller with gas for $3.06 per gallon, hope it's soon below $3.00.  I see it's pouring from Everett to LA; today in Memphis was crisp moving to warm, cloudless, crystalline blue sky.  Travel is so unpleasant...
I hope all is well on the Left Coast.  It'll be nice to get home Christmas Day, no longer be the tall stranger with the funny accent.
More in a week or two, depending - Jim


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