My trip in the Traveller


This is a great area, but 95 Degree Heat + Rain = Humidity, which ain't my cuppa tea...
I got to Omaha Saturday afternoon, today entered Iowa; have spent the last several days laboring like Sisphyus to write a comprehensible account from my shaky, jotted-while-driving notes of the past week.  I.m not particularly happy with either my writing or my photography but hey, with a lead-in like that, how can you not enjoy it?
I'm trying the new format of a Blog, which allows me to insert photos, probably do other creative tricks.   I understand my efforts should be located at:

Hopefully by clicking on the above link you'll be magically transported to my blog page; if not please let me know, it'll give me something to rant and rave about.
Now that I've spent a week getting back here, on a more or less Make Many Miles Daily schedule, I can relax, start moseying around lazily, driving 100 miles or less daily, soaking up the local sights and atmosphere instead of zooming by at 55 mph.  Hopefully we'll have some fun together as you, I and Traveller wander along America's backroads and blue highways for the next four months.  As mentioned somewhere in my blog (I think...) I tentatively plan to spend Friday and Saturday nights in the same place, hang out Saturdays taking a vaction from my vacation, catching up on my laundry, my reading, my writing, my housecleaning.  So you probably can expect future updates about the start of each week.
Which segues to... I would be most grateful if, whenever you hear from me and/or feel like it, you in turn could send me a short EM keeping me up to date on You And Yours, whatever's happening in YOUR life.  I like to stay in touch; any responses (except Summons and Complaint) you'd care to send me will be much appreciated.
OK, tomorrow I'm off to The Danish Immigrant Museum, I'm pumped.
Have fun, stay tuned - Jim