Taking it easy

Well, it’s been a “shorter”, or more accurately much less active, week than usual.  Tuesday afternoon I was hit with a near-migraine headache while driving merrily along, took refuge for two nights in the next available motel.  I had a slate of intended museums to visit in Detroit, but tho’ much recovered by late Thursday still felt pretty flat, so I took the rest of this week off. 


It’s been extremely pleasant to just sit in one place for a couple days, completely relax, read and hang out.  I talked to much-traveled bro George about it, he said “sometimes you need to take a vacation from your vacation”.  So I’ve learned something about myself – 120 days of continuous travel and activity sounded fun in the planning stages, but when I’m actually on the road day after day it’s nice to have an occasional layover.  Maybe slothful weekends are programmed into my circadian rhythms…


So my blog this week is greatly shorter than usual, but it’s still there; more and hopefully more interesting next weekend – Jim