The 1st year or two

Looking back on the last two years, trying to take stock of where we started, where we are now, and where we are going I must say it has been interesting to say the least. The first couple went by pretty fast but these last two have been a time of growth and change. For those of you that follow us you know we banded together after being laid off during a business closure. Our choices were pretty slim. Go out and seek another job, during the time of great downsizing for everyone, collect unemployment, or figure something out. We decided we liked each other enough to start something on our own. Easier said than done!

Well starting was easy. It's the rest of it that is hard. We struggle to bring value to the industry and keep the dollars local in the community. I am not talking just Kent but Washington in general. After all we live and work here. We stand by our pact and our commitment to remain service orientated instead of sales driven. There are plenty of places to buy an RV but how many are there where you can count on being put first and foremost when it comes to receiving the service you are paying for? I think you will have a hard time coming up with more than a few.

We are grateful for the friends we have made and the relationships we have with our customers. I hate to call them customers because that just doesn't describe them. They are our friends, they are family, they are just like us. I don't think many of them even realize how much they have had an impact on our decision to keep going and keep striving for perfection with ourselves and our jobs. So, thank you for raising the bar and keeping us motivated!

That is all for today and have you thought about joining us with your own blog of adventures in your RV? Come on, you can be anonymous! You all have so much to share. Just send an email to with blog in the subject line and we'll handle the rest. Who knows you might find some new friends or even make a love connection, single guys and single ladies. You know who I am talking about ...don't make me name names:)








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