The Mommy Hook

What is a Mommy Hook you ask.....
Well I did not know either until I was trying to figure out a way to secure the dogs outside as I was leashing the others as they have a hard time navigating the stairs in the RV. Each one has to be leashed one at a time and carried down....which is fine by me because I don't have to worry about them jumping out unexpectedly. So a friend told me about the "Mommy Hook". In fact she gave me hers that she no longer needed. It is a large (very large) carabiner that has foam wrapped around it to prevent damage to a stroller or whatever you are using to secure all the things a mommy has to bring on an outing with children. Which, by the way, is a lot of stuff usually. They didn't have such things when I was raising my kids. is super convenient as I can hook the dogs to the entry door handle without fear of damage to the RV or them getting loose. It is an amazing invention most likely by some frustrated mother. I highly recommend it and I'm sure it could have other uses as well. That is my solution and maybe some of you have other great ideas that we would love to hear about. So please share............


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