Top 10 plus of our Alaskan Adventure

We are having a great trip and wanted to summarize our Top Ten Highlights as of today.  Picking only 10 was hard considering we travelled 5,811 miles through British Columbia, Alaska, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, Alberta and Washington.  We gave it a try anyway so here is the list:

Bubble net feeding
1. Bubble net feeding. August 17.  While aboard the Fairweather travelling from Sitka to Juneau the we spotted several hump back whales during the sailing.  The most spectacular sighting was a group of humpbacks engaged in bubble net feeding.  Amazing!

Jasper Wolf Hunt
2. Wolf Hunt. September 3.  Driving into Jasper we spotted a big horn ewe perched on a ledge and four wolves circling above her.  We stumbled upon an active hunt right by the road.

Bears at Anan
3. Bears at Anan Bear Observatory. August 11.  Watching the bears up close and personal at the observatory as the bears fished was a unique experience.

4. LeConte Glacier Shooters. August 10.  The LeConte Glacier experience was by far the best glacier experience as we were able to get much closer to the glacier in the small boat and even better was the calving and shooters.
LeConte Glacier

 Coast Arriving at Shipwreck
5. Shipwreck in Glacier Bay. August 19.  "In the unlikely event of an emergency...".  It does happen.  Pay attention to the safety briefing you just might need it like we did when theBaranoff Wind ran aground prompting a rescue by the US Coast Guard and nearby cruise ship.

6. Fishing in Sitka with Leo. August 15.  Leo got a quick fishing lesson at Starrigavan Creek by Rick and landed some big humpback salmon.
Leo fishing

Crossing the Arctic Circle
7. Crossing the Arctic Circle. August 27.  An unplanned side strip to Inuvik, Northwest Territories along the Dempster Highway took us across the Arctic Circle where we saw many unique sites and waded in the Arctic Ocean at Tuktoyaktuk.

8. Bear in the camp. August 6.  While staying at the Ward Lake in Ketchikan a black bear liked to visit the campground and our camp.  We got some close views of the bear on several occasions.  
Bear in campground

 Leo the co-pilot
9. Leo, the co-pilot. August 19. Leo sat in the front of the plane in the co-pilot seat on our already stressful day at Glacier Bay.  While flying through the Chilkat Mountains he actually had control and made the plan dip from side to side.  Crazy.

10. Float plane in Misty Fjords. August 7.  Flying over Misty Fjords provided amazing views of the Fjords and surrounding mountains.  Thank you President Carter.
Flying over Misty Fjords

Okay....we can't settle on only here are more highlights:

Sunset at Glacier Bay Lodge
11. Deck dining at Glacier Bay Lodge. August 18. After arriving at Glacier Bay Lodge dinner was a special treat as we dined outside on the deck and watch the sun setting over the Coastal Range and Mount Fairweather.  A beautiful evening.

Kluane National Park
12. Kluane National Park. August 23. In search of some sunny skies we left Haines and travelled for several hours with great views of the snowy and rugged peaks of Kluane National Park in the Yukon Territory.

13. Top of the World "Highway"...minus the dust. August 24.  Crossing from Alaska via Chicken on the Top of the World Highway to Dawson City was a great drive.  Wow...did we make a mistake.  Lots of dust and we suffered with it most of the rest of the trip.  Beautiful all the same and sunny.
Over Top of the World

 Dawson City
14. Dawson City.  August 25.  We love Dawson City, Yukon and plan to go back.
15. Wonderful landscape along the Dempster. August 26, 27 and 31.  The variation in the land along the highway through the Yukon and Northwest Territories was fascinating.  Some of the land carved up by glaciers while vast swatch of Beringia spared.  Forests to tundra and permafrost.
Landscape of Dempster

 Arctic Ocean
16. Seeing and feeling the Arctic Ocean. August 28. Once at the Arctic Ocean we had to get in.  It was not too cold.  

Community Icehouse
17. Community Icehouse.  August 28.  The remote village of Tuktoyaktuk has limited resources and has a community icehouse dug 30 feet below the permafrost.  That was cool.

18.  Caribou in the Northern Rockies. September 1. While visiting the Muncho Lake area in BC we sighted our first caribou.  
Caribou in Northern Rockies

Dinner with Elks
19. Dinner at the Elks Club. September 4. "Wapati" is the Athabascan word for elk.  We now know why the campground is named Wapati.

20. Mountains in Jasper and Banff. September 5.  The mountains of Jasper and Banff National Park are beautiful.  
Mountains of Jasper

Chateau Lake Louise in Summer
21. Chateau Lake Louise.  September 5 and 6.  We stayed here many times in the winter.  After living on the road in a trailer for over a month it was a great luxury to visit the chateau in summer.

22. Hiking up the Big Beehive. September 6.  The long hike at Lake Louise and the vista from atop Big Beehive was worth every bit of the effort.
Big Beehive

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