Alaskan Escapades

During the middle of the night heavy rain pounding on the roof of Tami woke us up. It continued to rain for the next 12 hours without letting up.   All the wetness made for a lazy day in Ketchikan.  We sat around and enjoyed a slow morning with coffee and reading.  Needing to occupy ourselves with indoor activities it seemed like a good day to do laundry before heading to Wrangell tomorrow.  So we headed into town and the local Laundromat.  We were joined by lots of other folks, mostly men who must be in town fishing or working.  After finishing laundry we headed back to the Cape Fox Lodge to use their internet, have lunch and stay dry.  Before heading back to camp we updated our ferry tickets for tomorrow and stopped by the "mall" to walk around and see if there was much to check out…not much there.  It was back to camp and we took Manny for a walk.  He looked cute in his raincoat.  All the rain resulted in water everywhere.  The swamp filled with water, the creek behind the campground was swollen.  We were surprised as we crossed the bridge over Signal Creek by the bear trying to navigate the swollen creek
Wet day in Ketchikan.  The light was dim so it was hard to get a good photograph.  We quickly walked back to the campground to put some distance between the bear and us.  We had a nice dinner of chicken and rice baked in the oven like my mother used to do.  I guess the rain made us hungry for comfort food.  We are on our fifth day in Ketchikan with no hookups.  We had to refill our water a couple of times from the hand pump and then transfer to Tami.  Our waste tanks are also full so we are looking forward to heading out tomorrow.  It will also be nice to have an electrical hook-up in Wrangell. The batteries lasted enough to get by with a few short charges from Bertha.  We read until it was late enough to go to bed.  Tony noticed how pale we seemed after not much summer in Seattle and no sun here in Alaska.  He commented we would have no color at all if was not for the bug bites.  A slow and relaxing day all in all.

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TrailManor Friends

 Enjoy these blogs from a TrailManor owner. They are first timers and the blogs are well written. If you follow the link you will see photos. I have not yet mastered getting the photos in here. Working on that I promise. You will see the blogs improve over time.

They are really enjoying their travel trailer and have put it to the test. Alaskan roads have a way of bringing out the worst and the best in an RV!